Hi, I'm Larah. Nice to meet you.

Not just a design agency...more like a rebel force.

MindMeld Creative designs websites for the people, businesses, & organizations who inspire us to be more of ourselves.

In today's world, a stunningly beautiful, professional website is the foundation for impactful grassroots initiatives and world-changing services.  

I've prepared startup teams for their Shark Tank-style investor presentations. I created a nationwide entrepreneurial training program that's helped hundreds of women get out of poverty through self-employment and business ownership.

My work has always been a carefully concocted blend of my degrees in computer science, organizational management, and marketing, plus an MBA focused on entrepreneurship combined with my bone-deep, stubborn independence and a passion to help like-minded, independent people craft their own custom lives.

These people want you to know

Larah is not your typical business advisor. She’s got all the experience for that, but she is so much better! This is a woman who gets it. She is a passionate advocate for micro-businesses, so when she talks about small businesses, she actually means small businesses!

When you work with Larah, you get practical guidance and real answers. She doesn’t hold anything back and she doesn’t sugar coat her advice. She knows how small businesses work, gets what you want to accomplish, and is brilliant at breaking the big picture goals into manageable steps. All of a sudden, your crazy idea is no longer crazy – but totally doable!

Erica Holthausen, Honest Marketing Revolution

Larah, I thank you for supporting me in my quest to follow my wander… and to help me to realize that it is achievable and that I can forge MY OWN way. Erica, who has also been a huge support and friend to me, recommended you and I am so grateful for that!! One thing that is different about both of you is that you are genuine and that shows in your work. It is all about relationships and authenticity… which in turn build the necessary trust!

Lisa Sutton, Founder of Kitchen Local

Larah, I will gladly tell the whole world how wonderful you are and how you believed in me when I didn’t believed in myself. How you encouraged me, pulling me along kicking and screaming.

I’ll always remember all the pep talks and encouraging me to sit down at the computer when I was afraid to turn it on. I was just telling someone about you the other day, about how you show cased me in front of everyone you could get to sit still and listen to my story!!

I love you for that and I am for ever grateful. I am still going strong because of you believed in me!! WOW it is amazing what happens when you have someone in your life to help grow your confidence!!

Sharon Cross, Rolling ‘N’ Dough

Larah is AWESOME and if you haven’t worked with her before and have been considering it… stop thinking and go sign up! Classes, direct advising, groups… whatever she offers is chock-full of goodness and will move you forward in your business (or help you figure out what that’s supposed to be, if you’re confused about that, like I was)!

Shauntelle Hamlett

I was at a real cross-roads with my fledgling copywriting business. I knew I wanted to take that next step forward – but not only was I scared, I felt overwhelmed by all the financial and logistical considerations.

In just one short conversation with Larah, I moved from feeling afraid and out of my depth to feeling inspired and enthusiastic about all the possibilities my business could offer. She went through with me exactly what I’d need to think about to move forward, and made it all seem crystal clear. I can’t wait to work with her again and explore the new directions we discussed in more depth.

Tanja Gardner, Crystal Clarity Copywriting

It’s kinda like how Rachel Ray comes into our homes through the TV all bubbly & friendly and makes one forget their problems for awhile. Well Larah, you do that for me on the Internet. Thanks a bunch!

Kim Noeth, The Post-Adoption Coach

Don’t let her unassuming demeanor fool you. Larah is a powerhouse of ideas and follow-through. She makes things happen, and she knows her stuff. Working with her is always a breeze. Always happy to work with her again.

Aliza Sherman, Author, Keynoter & Your Digital Diva

You are absolutely the bomb! Thank you for all the excellent ideas you offered this morning to help all of us be more…organized, creative, confident, make more and spend more time with our families. It was awesome!

Pamela White

With the help of what I learned in Larah’s class, we took the idea of starting this school to what is now our third year of operation and our children love their school. 

Piama Oleyer, Vice President of the Academic Policy Committee for the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School

I learned SO much in Larah’s class, and I have gone on to expand my business since then. I have much more confidence in business ownership since my time in class with Larah.

Jen Bersch, Salon Davinci

Larah sized up my business situation and provided the most instant, insightful suggestions that I had received in a long time. Each one was direct and actionable, as well. I just love Larah and would recommend her to any solopreneur or microbusiness owner.

You owe it to yourself to get Larah’s take before you make your big move. Worth everything that you may pay her, and far more.

Hugh Bishop, Author of The Shamanic Approach to Prosperity