I've blown up the traditional way of building websites and rebuilt it to fit small businesses and grassroots organizations who need things to be simple, beautiful, and affordable. 

This isn't about being faster. It's about being better.

Yep. One Day.
One amazing, immersive, creative, collaborative day.

Your business or organization needs a website. You know what you need the site to do for your business. You know the work you're doing inside and out.

But you don't have the time or inclination to DIY a website. And you don't have the budget for a long, drawn out custom website development process. Not to mention the fact that you'd really love to be able to edit your site yourself. Easily. Without a huge learning curve.

The 1-Day Website is for you! This isn't a partial, almost website or a glorified template. One-Day Websites are fully functional, custom-designed websites built efficiently and collaboratively.

$650 Setup Fee
$450 Setup Special

12 monthly payments of

$125/ Month



I dedicate your Build Day(s) to you and your project so we can work in real-time collaboration together.


Your site comes with my Site Care plan.  I'll take care of hosting, setup, updates, themes, backups, plugins...everything. 


You'll get the coolest drag-and-drop WordPress site builder available so you can edit your site with ease.


Your Site Care plan includes free 15 minute fixes so you don't have to spend hours trying to solve site mysteries.


I'll code your site to be responsive and adjust to fit every screen. It'll beautiful and functional on every device.


There's 1:1 training, how-to videos, access to the Beaver Suite Academy & a friendly Facebook community.

All websites also include unlimited self-created pages, customizable drag-and-drop elements, and configuration of your SEO tools.

How it works

There are two bits of magic that make a one-day website possible: Preparation & Real-Time Collaboration.

Preparation is the key to a successful Build Day. Much of the work happens before the actual day. I give you a bit of homework and recommend scheduling your Build Day at least two weeks out so you have time to get me everything I need for a smooth & successful Build Day.

Every One Day Website Build is adrenaline-fueled creativity, and it's intensely collaborative. The focus is 100% on you and creating the best website for your goals.  All of the back & forth of the work-then-feedback loop happens in real time. 

What's Included

Your one-day website includes:

  • I'll choose the design layout, color palette, and typographic styles based on your goals and preferences
  • You'll get 12 hours of dedicated design time 
  • A typographic logo (if you don't already have a logo)
  • Three standard pages: Home, About, and Contact
  • Two other pages of your choice (Services, FAQs, Testimonials, Gallery, Issues, Locations, etc)
  • Up to 5 sections on your home page & 3 sections on internal pages
  • A Blog (this doesn't count as one of your 5 pages)
  • Sourcing up to 10 perfect images for your site
  • MailChimp Subscribe Section
  • Links to your social media accounts & sharing links on blog posts
  • I'll import your current WordPress blog (if needed)
  • SEO tools and analytics setup and ready to use
  • Very limited CSS customization

There are no add-ons available with One Day websites. 

You may need more pages, more customization, or more functionality like a shop, an events calendar, a membership area, learning management, or robust forms. If so,  your project is probably a better fit for Custom Website Design.

If we need more than 12 hours to finish your project, additional time will be invoiced by the hour at my regular rate. But seriously, no one likes surprises when it comes to money, so I'll do my best to keep you informed if we're approaching a need for additional time.


Let's Talk

We'll have a quick 30 minute chat about you, your goals, and your site.

Pay the Setup Fee

The $650 setup fee gets the ball officially rolling on your project. 

Schedule Build Day

Build Day is when the magic happens. Typically scheduled 2 - 5 weeks out.

Get Prepared

Complete the Site Preparation Guide & send it to me before Build Day.

Collaborate with Me

On Build Day, arrange to be available for feedback & collaboration online.

"I was looking for a new website for my life coaching practice and a friend who had used Larah referred me. I’ve had many, many compliments on my new site! I love that I could explain the feel I was looking for and Larah nailed it with the overall design. She’s FUN to work with, gracious, caring and professional.

My advice to anyone considering hiring a designer: Give Larah the space and freedom to use her exceptional design skills by not overly specifying what you want. I gave her no direction other than an idea of who I am, what I do and what I do and the feel I was looking for. She came up with the most beautiful design that so absolutely represents who I am as a coach.   xo"

Jill Wolk

"This was such an awesome experience and I'm a little bit in love with my new site! If anyone is on the fence and thinking about a new site, I can highly recommend Larah!"

Renee Ballard

"You're awesome! Easy to work with, very conscientious, very smart and knowledgeable.

Thank you for creating such a beautiful site for me. You really took my ideas and created a gorgeous and functional site for my business."

Uma Sanghvi

Answers to common questions.

How do we prepare for Build Day?

Most of the magic of the One Day Website happens before your actual build day.  

Once your One Day Website is on my project calendar, you're next step is to complete the Website Planning Toolkit. You can get a head start on that anytime by downloading the Toolkit here.

What if we don't finish by the end of the day?

Your One Day Website includes up to 12 hours of my time to complete your site. In the event we can't finish in the that time, additional hours are available at our standard rate of $125/hour. If your website is too complex to complete in this time frame, we will discuss that during your website consultation.

What is Website as a Service (WaaS)?

All MindMeld Creative websites, including the One Day Website package, are now sold as an ongoing service with minimum term contract. You'll pay a monthly service fee that includes custom website design, hosting, maintenance, and updates. Read more about it here

How does payment work?

The setup fee for your One Day Website (or the down payment if you're not choosing WaaS) is required to book your Build Day. The first monthly payment will be scheduled to coincide with your first Build Day.

The remaining balance (cost of any add-ons) will be invoiced and is due before 5pm one business day before your scheduled Build Day.

NOTE: If you miss your Build Day, either by not being ready with your content or not having made your payment, you will be charged an additional $100 re-scheduling fee.

What if, on Build Day, I realize I need something that isn't included?

If, during your One Day  Website build, you make requests that are not explicitly included in the One Day Website package, I will present you with 2 options to adjust your payment arrangements.

Option 1: You can upgrade your website package to a Two Day Website, pay the difference in the setup fee, and sign a new payment plan agreement at the new monthly price. We’ll schedule your second build day at the earliest possible date.

Option 2: If you don’t wish to upgrade to a Two Day Website, you will be billed the standard hourly rate of $125/hour.

Whether you choose Option 1 or 2, all add-ons will also be invoiced at the published rate because no add-ons are available with a 1 Day build.

If you do not choose to create a payment plan, all invoices must be paid in full before your site can go live.

How do we get started?

I love that you're ready to go! There are a couple of steps to getting started. First, jump over and complete the Project Inquiry here.

Once I receive your answers, I'll send an email to schedule your 30-minute consultation. During that call, we'll figure out if the One Day Website package is right for you. We can also discuss the add-ons and payment plans that will work best for you.

Wait...what? I have so many more questions!

Questions are awesome because they're the only path to answers. 😉  

You can start by jumping over to the full FAQs page. I've answered a ton of the most common questions there. 

Or you can click the "Let's Chat" link below to schedule a day & time for us to talk about your specific needs.

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