Mindmeld Creative's IDIC Statement

The business name Mindmeld Creative is an homage to the values and ideals promoted in the Star Trek universe by the brilliant & genius, Gene Roddenberry.

The Vulcan IDIC is a canonical philosophy from Star Trek: The Original Series and stands for "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations."

Gene Roddenberry once said, when describing the IDIC, “The brotherhood of man is an ideal based on learning to delight in our essential differences, as well as learning to recognize our similarities. "

And the Vulcan character Surak explained, “May we together become greater than the sum of both of us.”

So, why am I telling you all of this geekinesss about the IDIC and it’s connection to Mindmeld Creative?

Because it’s absolutely vital that those of us who value humanity take a stand in light of the harsh divisions and hatred that is being displayed by white supremacists, fascists, nazis, bigots, and xenophobes at this pivotal time in our civilization’s story.

It is no longer enough for any kind-hearted person to sit quietly and contently with the knowledge that they disagree with the hatred on display. It is not sufficient for us to sit in our homes, shake our heads, and light a candle or send up a prayer.

We must make a vocal stand. We must tell the world, in no uncertain terms, that we do not condone bigotry and xenophobia.

This is why I’m making a change to my own business policies and practices.

Admittedly this is not quite a change. It’s more of a formalization of a personal conviction.


Mindmeld Creative will not create websites, books, or any other deliverables for any business, organization, or individual who expresses ideals or has business practices that discriminate against anyone based on their skin color, gender, nationality, age, pant size, spiritual beliefs, orientation, physical abilities, body alterations, marital status, or even their taste in music.

As much as this should go without saying, you will not be a Mindmeld Creative client if you are in any way associated with white supremacy, nazism, or fascism...or if you’ve promoted any content on social media that supports those ideals.

If, at any time, a project gives me the sense that it is crossing this line, that your practices are discriminatory, that your goal is to appropriate another culture, or that your views on the IDIC philosophy are not inline with my own integrity, then I will cease all work on your project and send a final invoice for any hours of work I have completed.

If you think this line in the sand may exclude you from doing business with Mindmeld Creative, then it’s in your own financial interests to go elsewhere for your design needs.