Make your website accessible

Let's talk about accessiblity

Making the internet accessible is about leveling the playground for 20% of the world's population. The internet has become the most important innovation of our lifetime. Making it inclusive is the most significant step towards achieving a society that prioritizes the inclusion of all its people and values, everyone, for who they are, regardless of abilities.

Everyone  should be able to enjoy your website , regardless of ability!

We live our lives online. It’s where we read the news, order groceries, and connect with people.
But 20% of the population has disabilities that exclude them from using it.

By streamlining accessibility, our tools empower your business to take the inclusive approach and comply with ADA & WCAG.

Avoid Litigation

The US recently clarified ADA language that states websites must meet accessibility standards for screen readers, color blindness, poor vision, and more.

This change has emboldened some to seek out websites that aren't accessible and sue them under ADA standards.

Making your site as accessible as possible is the best way to avoid this potentially expensive hassle. In the past, making a site accessible has been a huge undertaking. Now, we can get you up and running within a few hours.

Here's what's included in the Accessibity Tools subscription:
  • Compliance with ADA, AODA, EAA, WCAG & more
  • Accessibility statement & certification of performance
  • AI-Powered screen reader & keyboard navigation
  • Accessibility widget for UI and design remediation
  • AI-Powered daily compliance monitoring and scans
  • Monthly AI-Powered accessibility compliance audits
  • Litigation support if your compliance is challenged

The subscription for your accessibility tools is paid annually. The accessibility tools will be up and running on your website within 5 business days of payment.

Right now, I'm offering a $50 off coupon that locks in the discounted price every year.

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