Websites need love too

You're changing the world.
You focus on that and let me handle the tech.

Your website is quite possibly one of the biggest investments you've made in your business. You'll want to take care of it. But you’re also busy running a business and having a life.

Despite your good intentions and confident resolutions to stay on top of things, busy-ness is a fact of life when you're wearing so many hats. This can lead to cutting corners. Especially when it's something you're unfamiliar with like paying quarterly taxes and keeping the backend of your website up-to-date.

With my Site Care Plans, there's no need to fret. And you'll never have to look at another CPanel.

I'll take it from here.

$45 /Month

Additional Assistance Available



My servers are custom built for WordPress. You'll be impressed with the lightning fast load times too.


I pay for all of the high-quality, cool tools, themes and plugins so you don't have to. Estimated value: $500+ annually.


With nightly backups, hacker-busting security, and standard SSL Certificates you won't have to worry about a thing.


Your Site Care plan includes free 15 minute fixes so you don't have to spend hours trying to solve site mysteries.


Change happens constantly. I'll keep WordPress, your theme, and your plugins updated and running smoothly.


You'll get loads of personalized 1:1 support, a whole library of how-to videos, & access to a friendly Facebook community.

The first year of Website Care is rolled into the cost of WaaS payment plans. Standard payment plans include 60 days of Website Care.

After this term, the rates above will apply to your extended care plan.

Answers to common questions.

Mindmeld Creative didn't build my site, can I sign up for Site Care or Webmaster Services?

I typically only provide Site Care for websites that I've designed. Right now, for a limited time, I'm opening it up to allow new clients to migrate to Mindmeld Creative Site Care.

Your typical first step is to choose the design package that's right for you.

Before we migrate your site, I'll need to perform a site audit to see if everything is up-to-date, plugins are still supported by their developers, and there are no major security holes.

If repairs need to be completed before we can migrate your site, I'll send a proposal for the cost of those repairs.

Once we've migrated your site, you can we'll update the domain settings with your registrar. There is typically zero downtime for your website during the transition. 

I know I'll need more that 15 minutes of help!

All Site Care clients also get hourly assistance at a discounted rate for requests that will take longer than 15 minutes. Don't worry though. I'll send you an estimate and get your approval before starting. You'll never get a surprise invoice from me!

If you consistently need more than quick answers each month, additional webmaster hours are available in 2 and 4 hour increments. 

What exactly does a webmaster do? Why do I need that?

You can use webmaster service time to ask us to troubleshoot something, editing existing content, add simple functionality...pretty much anything.

This is not retained time. These hours expire at the end of each month. 

Retainers require a delicate balance of my time to avoid bottlenecks and overwhelm. I only offer retainers to select clients who have nurtured a relationship with Mindmeld Creative. If you'd like to retain monthly time, please contact me to talk about that possibility.

Do I have to host my website with you?

If you are on a Website as a Service contract, then yes I do require that we host the least until the end of your contract term at which point ownership is transferred to you. The cost of your Site Care is already included in the price. 

If you're paying with standard payment terms, your price includes 60 days of hosting. I strongly recommend that you start a site care plan after that.

Please get in touch if you're considering migrating your website to your own hosting account. I can clarify what that means for your continued costs (themes, plugins, etc) and recommend a few hosting services that I trust implicitly. 

Will you also host my email accounts?

No. Mindmeld Creative does not host email accounts.

I recommend setting up your email addresses with your registrar's webmail service (my opinion: Namecheap is the best). Another great option is to use an email service like G-Suite from Google or Rackspace Email Hosting.  For most small businesses and organizations, this will be $2 - $5 per month. 

All of those services make the process fairly straightforward if you follow the steps they've provided.