Do you need something more?

I'm a multi-faceted kinda girl

Not every design project starts with a whole new website. I get that. And I'm here for your other design needs too. Here are a few examples of the other kinds of design work I do. If you need design help, please contact me to see what we can do.


Book design is so all-encompassing that I'm launching a whole separate business for this work! 'Til then, contact me here.


If you have a short list of small design tasks, I offer 5 and 8 hour blocks of my open-ended, creative expertise. Get started here.


My background is in entrepreneurship, business planning, organizational design, & process development. Let me help you.

Ala Carte Add-Ons

Every website is different. These add-ons allow me to customize a website design package uniquely suited to your needs, goals, and challenges.

The cool thing about add-ons is that you can roll out added functionalty on your site as the need & budget allow. You can buy a one-day website today and add an opt-in incentive or a shopping cart to it 6 months from now. 

Some of these add-ons are even available ala carte (meaning you don't need a Mindmeld Creative website to buy them).

  • Add more pages to your website - $125 per page
  • MailChimp email campaign setup and design - $225+
  • Import content that isn't a WordPress blog- $125+
  • Custom, interactive web forms - $225+ per form
  • Beautiful PDF E-Book/ Opt-In Incentive - $425+
  • Take simple online payments with Stripe or PayPal - $125+
  • WooCommerce or other shopping cart - $425+
  • Add a live chat feature to your site - $225+
  • Make your site fully accessible - $225+

  • Custom Logo Design - $325+
  • Research, install, & configure special plugins - $125+
  • Create custom post types & layouts - $325+
  • Setup email on G Suite - $85
  • Third party integrations - $85+
  • Add a useful, custom 404 page - $85
  • eCourse Design / LMS development - $425+
  • Set up push notifications from your site - $225
  • Membership site / members only areas - $325+