Not just a design agency...more like a rebel force.

MindMeld Creative designs websites for the people, businesses, & organizations who inspire us to be more of ourselves.

A stunningly beautiful, professional website is the ideal foundation for grassroots initiatives and world-changing services.  Together we can create your custom, collaborative website in as little as 1 or 2 days with budget-friendly, monthly pricing through our Website-as-a-Service payment plans.


I know you. You are a freedom-fighter. You want to make the world a better place. But you're not just dreaming about that...you're actively participating in making the world a better place.

You’ve opted out of the status quo in search of a more meaningful way of living (or maybe you’re developing your escape plan now).

That is such a leap of faith. Which makes you my hero.

You know you want to build a life around work you love. Or a life around the people you love. Or both.

The point is, you want to build more than a business. You want to build a life.



Designer & Creative Strategist

I've been doing this work since 1999.  At heart, I’m a wanderer and a strategic planner.  I totally understand your independent nature because I have one too.

I hold a MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship and a BA in Organizational Management + Marketing. This makes me uniquely suited to help start up business and struggling business find their path forward. 

My background includes teaching entrepreneurship, business skills & business technology at both the university level and for the US Small Business Administration.

I was the award-winning director of the only SBA Women's Business Center serving all of Alaska. I traveled throughout the state teaching people how to start and grow their businesses and how to leverage technology in their small businesses.


I offer a 30-minute, no-strings consultation for potential projects. I also love building long-term friendships with my clients...which means I'm selective about who I choose to work with. 

If you're awesome and would like to work with me, click the link below to tell me a little about you & your project. I’ll be in touch to set up a time for us to chat.

Next available project start

October 30, 2017